What is sports and exercise science? Thinking of sports scientists.

        At least today can run faster jump higher and hit harder than ever before. Thanks in part to Sports scientists for using that understanding of physiology to optimize Athletes Training performance and recovery and helping us live healthier lives through physical activity.

Learn With Example of sports scientists

        Take Jamie, He works as the sports scientists were a professional football team. Jamie is helping the players stay injury-free by using sensors on the skin to gather data on muscle contractions and fatigue and using these data to Taylor players training to maximize performance and minimize injuries. Then Miss Victoria she's investigating why ethics for spinal cord injuries seem prone to overheating. This is when our inner side body temperature goes high increasing blood flow to the skin and putting greater strain on the Heart below their injury. These athlete's bodies can't regulate temperature through using methods like sweating and the higher up the injury the worse.

        The problem is with competitions at the Paralympics games increasingly how it in hot climates this research could play a vital role in helping to prepare athletes and keep them safe. And it's not just athletes who benefit from Sports and exercise science. It's also helping people with physiologically challenging jobs like those working in extreme environments and the Emergency Services radical worked for the fire service the measure the physiological impact of wearing protective equipment, these units allow firefighters to work in hot Smoky conditions, but the extra load can place increased strain on the heart and decrease firefighters capabilities.

What is sports and exercise science?
Sports scientist


        So radical’s research is being used to devise. Options about how long firefighters reduce such protective equipment and what does Sport and exercise science mean for the rest of us? Well, it's been said that if exercise appealed to be one of the most impactful drugs ever invented from improving patients Fitness before surgery to combating epidemics such as obesity and diabetes Sports scientists are showing us how physical activity can help us to live healthier lives for longer but is occasional exercise enough Recent research Uncovered something known as the active Couch Potato phenomenon. This describes people who are Physically Active for who still spend many uninterrupted hours sitting down. It turns out this can cause real problems for our bodily systems with increased blood pressure cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease. So Sports and exercise scientists have a big challenge to make sure we're moving more and staying healthy by helping athletes protecting workers and pushing for greater Public Health physiologists in sporting. Exercise science is using their knowledge for good everywhere now is a great time to get involved.


Endurance- Run Farther, Faster, More Easily - Sports Science- Running

        No matter what distance you're training for no matter what your goal is all Runners need one thing endurance how endurance training increases your ability to resist and recover from fatigue. Next on knowledge of performance endurance training is exercising for long periods and it does two important things. It improves our cardiovascular system and increases your muscle's ability to use oxygen to create energy your muscles need oxygen to make the energy to keep you going. So the key to building endurance is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the system your body uses to get oxygen from the air into your muscles. That system is the oxygen transport pathway. Air enters your lungs where oxygen diffuses into the red blood cells the heart then pumps the blood to your muscles blood enters your capillary. He's and oxygen flushes into the muscle fibers mitochondria in your body muscles.

        Use the oxygen to burn fuels to create the energy you use this energy to run. Endurance training improves every aspect of the oxygen transport pathway your lungs grow bigger your heart becomes stronger, you build extra red blood cells to carry much more oxygen you grow new blood vessels in your body muscles, you build more mitochondria more aerobic enzymes, which can produce more energy all of which help you to resist fatigue run farther and recover faster. That's how endurance training Works. Here's how you do it. You can build your permanence by doing longer runs at an easy Pace known as long slow distance or LSD Ideally. These should be done at a pace. That's fast enough. You can hear yourself breathing but not fast. You can't carry on a conversation.


        That's about 50% to 65% of your maximum heart rate increase your total training volume Slowly by no more than 10% per week build your Fitness gradually and minimize your prospect of injury build up your red blood cells to help carry more oxygen by eating foods that are high in iron and vitamin C. So whether you're a sprinter looking to recover faster Walker looking for more Fitness or a marathon or wanting to run better endurance training will help you get there. Here's how to get the most out of your toleration training incorporate one LSD run and your weekly program run between 50 and 65 percent of your maximum Heart rate. Stay hydrated take water with you on your long run refuel, it some carbohydrates and proteins within 30 minutes of your run eat foods that are high in iron vitamin C gradually increase your total weekly training volume.

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