Sports Management - Career opportunities

This is one of the most important questions that the students and the parents asked us. What are the career opportunities that the field of sports management offers? Every industry in our country has witnessed a phase of emergence growth maturity and eventually saturation. For example in the early 90s, The IT industry was born to say and then it matured towards the end of the 90s and started growing a Certainly in the early 2000s and today you see that the recruitment in various leading it organizations have reached a phase where it is limited similarly the other sectors in our country like Telecom like Pharma have, you know reached very rapid growth phase. Similarly, the sports industry in India also is in its emergence phase, and therefore this emergence is going to lead to a slow but very aggressive career opportunity growth as well. 


Where are these career opportunities first in sports management?

Let me take you through some of the growth parameters. This industry is witnessing particularly after 2007 why 2007 because that was the year IPL, was born in India, which paved way for the phenomenal commercial growth of sports as an industry. We've seen thereafter multiple leaks multiple television channels multiple spotting Concepts leading to the grassroots level development of this industry. Hundreds of supporting startups today are operating in India, which are eventually going to become medium to large scale organizations where exactly employment opportunities will live. Difficulty 2014 report says that across the various sectors of sports as a field there would be close to forty-three lucky human resources that will be required. Now let me take you through which are these different sectors within the sports industry where these people are required. 

Sports Management
Career opportunities


They are the fields of sports Sciences technology, sports management coaching Sports Medicine Sports infrastructure development sports facilities sports event Sports media sports psychology and very importantly Sports governs now there are various numbers in which these people are required Within These sectors. I am going to talk for the next one minute or so about the requirement in the field of it events facilities media marketing and Grassroots. 

There is a requirement of close to in all these fields put together about 10 lakhs by 2022. Having said about this number, where is the growth or how would these Human Resources contribute to the development of the sporting sector? Let me give you a couple of examples. The football industry in India is growing at a rate of 35 percent. Year-on-year Sports is an industry overall is expected to grow 12 percent year-on-year. B IPL from 2007 today has generated direct employment of more than 30,000 people. And I'm talking direct employment. 

I'm not talking indirect tempura. The sports facilities at the moment if you take the FIFA Investments for the development of football in India, have promised close to 14 million us. Dollars. One of the experts I was meeting at a summit sometime back said that as we speak close to 200 artificial football courts are right now being constructed in India. That is the promise of various football Cricket, but the badminton wrestling is games are or poised for growth. No having said this. When we are talking about the industry as such the parameters of growth, we spoke about the number of people require. 


What are the exact roles that these Human Resources will play? 

In sports management as a career opportunity now there are different functions in the area of it. They are teaming Lee management Sports facility management Sports Marketing Sports sponsorships Sports infrastructure development Sports media and production or Sports law or psychology. Different organizations are developing in our country which specializes in these fields of it that I mentioned to you. Depending on your area of interest you could choose to be a sports Market here sports. An HR person is a sports Finance person sports operations and events Specialist or a sports sponsorship agent or you could even dream of becoming sports under put these career opportunities. We eventually will lead to your different growth within these organizations.

You could start as a management trainee and you eventually go on to become a top-notch leader in these companies' obvious questions. That would be now coming to your mind would be what would be the kind of salary that these jobs or companies would offer? as an Institute offers complete placement assistance to all its programs that the student enrolls in be in The Bachelors of sports management, the master of management or the postgraduate program in sports degree. The salary is that these companies offer range from a star tip of 30,000 rupees a month to as you grow could go even beyond a laky a month. Hope this satisfies your query on careers as a Sports Manager.


Should You Get a Sport Management Degree?

What's up, guys? If you think you're interested in becoming a sports management major then I've got the six things. You should consider before you go ahead and get that degree. Let's get into it. The first thing you need to consider is just how well that degree is going to prepare you for other career opportunities, for example, a business degree is going to be a great way to get into the sport and it's free as well as a lot of other careers, but a degree may not be the best way and best preparation for you to get it to other careers other than things.

The sports industry this kind of leads into my second point that I've talked to tons of people through classes and connecting on LinkedIn and the people I'm working with that by internship who didn't start in sport management. A lot of times these people come from business or even obscure Majors that you would even think about the third thing. You guys should consider when becoming a sports manager major not is the opportunities you might be seeking whether it be volunteering or networking opportunities in the sports industry. 

Sports Management
Sports Management - Career opportunities


Re being a management major is going to open up a lot more opportunities to volunteer for events. Like I did at the ice hockey world championships in Copenhagen Denmark and 2018 or other things like volunteering at local sporting events, or even for your University another major like a business major may not offer those opportunities quite as much as someone in the Sport Management program the fourth thing you guys should keep in mind is How competitive the sports industry can be I had a really difficult time getting a hold of an internship and I know a lot of people have similar issues. 

I had to apply to over 30 positions on teamwork online as well as much a message a bunch of people on LinkedIn just asking about opportunities and what they did for their career and how they got internships to find my internship. So it's going to take a lot of persistence and hard work to find those internships, especially if they're R saw highly sought-after internships that a lot of people are applying for so the fifth thing to keep in mind is how easy sport management courses tend to be both of the school's. I have attended and taking this program at the University of Louisville. And Indiana University is supposed to be ranked in the top 10 sport management programs in the country, and I'm not exactly sure what that means, but my courses have been really easy. I usually don't have Study and when I compare my workload to my roommates a lot of my other friends who aren't in sport management, it seems quite ridiculous how much more work and how much more preparation they need to do for exams and papers than I do for my degree.


Challenging course

So if you're looking for a challenging course or a challenging major this isn't the route to go but if you're loving the sports industry, you might be able to get challenging courses with your minor or on the flip side. I'd you may just be interested since the courses are really easy because you may not want to have a whole lot of work. I would say the most difficult courses. I've taken have all been gen Ed courses the main one being economics. But other than that my college career so far has been a breeze and the sport management courses haven't made me think a whole lot and do a whole lot of work that other courses may make you do the final thing.


You should consider before choosing to be a sports management major is if you like sports a lot or no that's based on crazy to a lot of you because I'm sure a lot of you are huge sports fans, but I have had some friends in classes who weren't that big of a fan of sports and classes can get kind of boring for them because you do talk a lot about current events and Sport and all the things that are happening. So if you're not that interested it may not be the right degree for you.

I could see someone who hasn't a big sports fan working in the sport before I could see them being a sports management major just because of all the things are surrounded by every day that has to do with real people's fandom. I'm going to list the six different tips. I already mentioned I'm sorry if the video was perfect because it's the first time I'm uploading to YouTube. But also if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments and I'll try to get back to them because I know I may have left some things out that might be on your mind. Thank you and have a good.

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