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I'm the course leader for the BTEC extended diploma in sport and exercise science held here at Weymouth college. So this course is equipment of three a-levels and is a vocational option for anyone looking to pursue a career in physiotherapy sport psychology or physiology any sport Science field and that is out there potentially also Sports coaching Jim instructing personal training. Young and P teaching this will give you a good balance of theoretical and practical learning to give you the knowledge. You need to pursue a career in those different areas. Okay, so I'm going to talk through the different units.

Sport and Exercise Science

You'd study across the qualification during the short clip. So functional Anatomy. Okay is one of the units you do in year one, which has an external assessment LinkedIn with it. You learn about how the body works all the different body systems. How as well your body works in terms of its response to physical activity and exercise. Applied Sport and exercise psychology so how the mind works? Okay, motivation people's behavior personality traits coping with pressure. Everything will be sort of covered in that to the unit. And again, there's an external synoptic assessment associated with that unit. You do applied research methods in year one. So that's a great opportunity for you to learn about the skills how to do devise your hypotheses regarding a particular investigation. You may be doing and it links into year two of your All's you do coaching for performance and fitness. So that is a quite practical unit where you learn about the skills of being a coach. 

Sport and Exercise Science.


Okay, and I've been teamwork and Leadership skills and communication skills to enable you to be the best you can be real and that's a particular career field in sports coaching. Then we've got a physical activity for individual and group-based exercise. Okay, so you'll learn about how to instruct individuals but also, How to take charge of groups okay from a physical activity point of view so it's quite a good practical unit and then we've got social-cultural issues in sport and exercise as well as one of your year One unit where you're learning a bit more about sort of the philosophy and ethics and understanding sport and exercise science in a lot more depth on top of that as we move into year two.

You do another sports physiology unit. Okay, so that looks in-depth how the body responds to acute and chronic adaptations. Okay, how Systems evolve according to training and it goes into a lot of debt for that particular unit of study. Well as external assessment again associated with it, you've got filled and laboratory-based fitness testing. 


Where you learn how to test different Fitness components?

Okay, which can then be applied to a range of different sports and physical activities specialized Fitness training. So that's a great unit for being able to learn about all the different methods of training that there are out there. To benefit either individual developing their health and well-being or Sports performers in a practical and individual environment also a research project. Okay, so building your skills from you one with the research method you'll do a project in a topic of your sort of chosen area of the field or something you interesting it interested in another unit nutrition, okay and Sport and exercise performance. So this is an externally assessed unit where you get a synoptic case study, which you will be evaluating and through this. 

If you will learn in a lot of death about nutrition for certain activities and sports okay health and well-being in general and everything which will cover nutrition and fueling Sports Performance and exercise technology in sport and exercise will be looking at as one of your particular units on the sport and exercise science. And then the last one sports injury and assessment as I said physio is physiotherapy is one of the career paths, which this course can give you a lot of really good detailed knowledge in so you've got an opportunity with that particular unit to learn in more depth about sports injuries and how to assess them and potentially prevent them as well.

So those are units across the course the course is majority coursework. As I said, there are some external assessments it would allow you to progress on to higher education. I would say the majority of our students that complete this course go on to higher education and do degrees. Either at different institutions or some stay and do our foundation degree. 

I'll work-based learning theory in sport coaching health and fitness before then progressing onto University to do an honors year. So there are lots of different ways in which you can progress using this program. It is quite theoretical I would say it case heavily theoretical there's practically embedded in your program for obviously some of the units I've talked about there. But also on top of that, you've got your Wednesday afternoon enrichment where you be able to get all videos from Sports and physical activities individual team-based or even could be Fitness based in the gym additional qualifications on top of this qualification is you do a sports leadership quality in your first year. Okay. So you get an opportunity to do is sports leaders and also across the two years. You'll be doing a work experience placement.

So that is going to allow you to work alongside employers. Okay. We have lots of Industry speakers come in as well. As part of the programs that will help broaden your horizons in terms of what is out there and careers in sport and exercise and health and fitness in general so great opportunities as part of the program to develop your studies in those areas. Okay. So look forward to any questions that you may have on this particular course or any other courses in sports Public Services. You can comment to us if you want more details on Sport and exercise science. I recommend you apply online as early as you can because our courses are exceptionally popular and yeah, obviously you need to make sure that you get your applications in early to be able to get onto this course. 


Qualification Sport and Exercise Science

You do need to have your five GCSE grades 4 and above including English, math, and science of K. So depending on how you getting on with everything, how you got on and your estimated predicted grades and how that pans out in these unprecedented. Santa X, then we can certainly consider you for any of our courses but it's all about making sure it's the right course for you in terms of career progression and the level of learning which you are at. Okay, so I hope that's helped and obviously, I said any other questions do contact me, and best of luck with everything.


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