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 Hello, I will be discussing the role and arguing the importance of a sports scientist within a football club during this presentation. All go through this is presentation quick introduction here. What is it that aims at this presentation my personal belief and opinion of a sports scientist and the role what they play discussion on the role where they fit into a club and we'll finish with a conclusion at the end?

What is a sports scientist's role?

It is one which demands holding multiple roles within an organization somebody who wears many hats is responsible for numerous Fields ranging from psychology to Anatomy to nutrition and everything in between the sports. List Studies the anatomy and physiology Anesthesiology and psychology of individuals and sporting environments. This presentation is difficult to identify and in my case support the role of the sports scientist. A quick definition of it just bought a scientist is a person who studies the anatomy physiology Anesthesiology and psychology as related to athletes and sports. Sport Sciences us multidisciplinary and involves performing a wide variety of roles.

What does a sports scientist do what is necessary? My argument would devise treatment and exercise programs to interpret data concerning our sporting performance design and assist in training programs for sportspeople in our case football players and assist with the psychological issues of motivation and stress. Just to elaborate on those points. Within a football club, I feel they plays a very important role a key role alongside the coaching staff and the technical staff. As well as the front office staff so that ownership groups the administration groups and we will elaborate on that a little further in a few slides time.

But devising treatment plans next size programs by working with coaching staff by with pliers. And interpreting the data that they collect and can read into that data and then manages workloads of players. At that point, Players are in better shape physically, which also helps with the psychological issues and motivation issue that every player faces some point in their career at some point during a season some point during a training block. At some point during the week to week, the process is being in a high-level sports environment.

The aim of this certain presentation is to gain a basic understanding of it. For me discuss \the roll what that person may hold within a soccer club. All of these pieces are related to football like we discussed I think. Everything that we talked to talk about today is about the sports scientist role within a football club. I think the important one is to Aid the playing staff as well as a coaching staff and I would just say there's a need for the management of bodies physically, I think by working closely with the coaching staff gain a better understanding of how the body works as well as the recovery process what the body has to go through and a plan of a heavy workload. Light workload intense day a slower day. That point coaching staff can plan through sessions based on the needs on a weekly basis.ITo summarize what that means is it's basically prioritization where we're managing workloads of pliers. We're not asking them to go a hundred miles an hour every day. It’s a hundred miles an hour one day 10 miles an hour the next day.

So their body is constantly adjusting constantly recovering by managing their workload. The result of that is the sports science knowing people then because of our work with the coaching staff of sort of the players will hopefully stay fitter for longer with fewer injuries and freshness rather than tiredness to their body and their well-being emotionally. as well as physically and I think because of that the coaching staff and manager the head coach is then able to pick from a bigger group of players rather than being limited to a group of players. We might do with plays injured or tired during the season. Some of the challenges what scientist might face within a club is listed on the screen now fly through them real quick as a communication piece believe there's a trust issue. Unfortunately, I'm a Believer as an authority issue over the staff as well as players. A vision and philosophy of a club that I think goes back into the team culture and the club culture. What various clubs try to build them?


Sports Scientist
Role of a Sports Scientist

Philosophy of a club

I think going through these I often think of what the vision and what the philosophy of a club is and what the vision of and philosophy of the head coach of the managers as well as the ownership group. I think there's Press lately a lot in the news and media recently all of the important roles which a staff plays not necessarily just a manager is the example right now is obviously Leicester City Football Club or a lot of Praises gone to their backroom staff who aren't on the bench. They don't pick the team, but they work very closely with the manager with the coaching staff to keep players fit. Keep that place happy and healthy.

I think the flip side to that is a lot of those players have come out a lot being made about the media or through the media about how happy that roster is how happy that group of players are together and the results show with that as well. Like we said earlier the role of a sports scientist is to look after bodies to look after physical well-being and nutritional element physiology piece as well as the emotional piece of things within the psychology of the game

I think just to conclude that. I think that all starts from the trust of a manager the trust of a coaching staff. So the discussion is the house for science helps improve performance in soccer. And I think we touched on it a little bit and I think that's a case of keeping players happy and healthy both emotionally and physically allowing coaches and managers to be able to pick from a broader range of players and hopefully keep the best players on the field. I think it's a sin. Players from a coaching standpoint are a simple as a delight my best players fit and healthy all of the time so I can play them to Windows.

This is simple as that for me and I think in terms of injuries a lot of data out there a lot of research out there that may point to the role becoming more and more important because we game developed a move forward in terms of reducing numerous injuries. At the same time, the games develop itself. It's got faster and faster more physical the fields got harder but pictures of got harder and there are more and more games now due to numerous reasons that might be something to do with the financial aspect of games a large business component to the game. So have injuries decreased because of sports science. I think it's fair to say. Yes. 


They have in some ways have injuries increased in other areas because of the nature of the sport. I think yes, they have but have sports scientists developed a roll of a field where players are healthier. Please a stronger player are probably fair to say more athletic than ever before players are more professional than ever put before and then going back to the club culture piece plays a more bought into listening to the bodies to listen in to the brains away from the field as well as on the field. My personal experience is with Albuquerque.

So to PDL team which basically a semi-pro team here and now in New Mexico and we put a lot of emphasis on a recovery process and nutritional element and we hope that with my role as a head coach. I hope that those pieces away from the field will help us on the field and arguably more important than what we do on the field. 



So the conclusion to this presentation is sports scientist has a broad role of Duties, which there are multiple roles. Multiple roles hold different job descriptions. Obviously, you can have a nutritionist.You can have a psychologist multiple pieces in there, which doesn't necessarily belong to one person. So think once you dig into a club ideally have a sport ahead of sport Science with staff below him or her who will work in specific areas. We can look around clubs that have adopted a very good policy with Sports Science and the role that those people serve.

Healthy teams

It's there for everyone to see the results are there as well in terms of plays happy place healthy teams are winning which obviously hasn't massive knock-on effect in terms of the future of that club the future of those pliers. I think again going back to the Success with Leicester city then Barcelona has been a big advocate for years along with AC Milan and numerous other clubs around the world have adopted this policy of we have to get things right away from a field with multiple staff members to help what happens on the field in a more positive way.


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